US Army Parachute

Mills Manufacturing and the US Army Parachute – Over 60 Years Together

Founded in 1935, Mills Manufacturing Corporation is a global leader in the parachute manufacturing industry and specializes in the design and making of the US Army parachute. Adherence to the strictest compliance and design regulations is the reason every parachute made at Mills Manufacturing is of the highest quality and meets all military specifications and safety standards. After more than 60 years of building a relationship with the United States military, Mills Manufacturing has developed a strong vision and promotes a set of values shared by all members of the Mills team. We know every customer, supplier, and staff member is valuable and contributes to the performance and accomplishments of the company every day. Our mission is:

“To be the world’s most trusted, leading manufacturer of military parachutes by investing in our people and processes in order to best deliver a balance of quality, reliability, and price that meets the needs of our customers.”

The systems, policies, and practices followed at Mills Manufacturing have all been created to achieve higher levels of respect, team work, effectiveness, accountability, honesty, integrity, excellence, and community service. Over the course of more than six decades Mills Manufacturing has emerged as one of the world’s leading US Army parachute manufacturers.

How Mills Manufacturing Started to Make the US Army Parachute

Founded in New York City in 1935 and moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 1952, Mills Manufacturing has served the US military since the start of the Korean War. The very first contract Mills received from the government was the beginning of its focus on US army parachute manufacturing. Making US army parachutes is still the foundation of our business today, although Mills Manufacturing also provides similar military cut and sew services. Every US army parachute is made entirely by the experts at Mills Manufacturing; no part of the process is outsourced to other companies. Mills also manages inspections, testing and packing of US army parachutes. This is part of our commitment to exceptional quality control.

Mills Manufacturing Makes All Versions of the US Army Parachute

There is a wide variety of parachutes when it comes to choosing the right US army parachute. Mills Manufacturing designs and manufactures Airborne Troop parachutes, cargo parachutes, extraction parachutes, deceleration parachutes, and other parachute related products like harnesses, paracord, or packs. As a military provider of US army parachutes we know the safety of our men and women in uniform depends on us. Our #1 priority is to make a US army parachute that outshines all others. Soldiers and airmen and women rely upon us to meet or exceed all military standards. Mills also maintains an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) registration, a strict global industry standard. Over 200 countries follow the guidelines and requirements outlined by the ISO. Mills has the ISO 9001 registration and completes annual internal audits.

Mills Manufacturing is also home to Miltex Industries, which specializes in manufacturing paracord for many commercial purposes. The paracord is available in bulk orders and Miltex features cord of different colors, durability, and strength.

The Manufacturers of the US Army Parachute Can Serve Any Government

Mills Manufacturing services clientele all over the world in more than 60 countries, as well as all branches of the US military. Every parachute that leaves the plant is military grade and could be a US army parachute. If you are searching for the quality and reliability you would expect from a US army parachute manufacturer, then you have found it at Mills Manufacturing.

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