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United States Troop Parachute Supplier Mills Manufacturing

Mills Manufacturing has been a top troop parachute supplier for the United States Armed Forces since World War II. We pride ourselves on maintaining relationships with a highly scrutinous organization by applying the highest rigors of quality control necessary for military equipment that has to work every time.

registered ISO 9001 company, Mills Manufacturing is committed to leading worldwide standards in parachute manufacturing, from personnel equipment like the airborne troop parachute and paracord to support chutes for things like cargo, flares, and drones.

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Trust a Troop Parachute Made in America

A Mills Manufacturing troop parachute is what our country trusts to keep American forces safe in the air for a wide variety of tactical purposes and situations. Mills Manufacturing makes:

  • airborne troop parachutes
  • cargo parachutes
  • extraction parachutes
  • deceleration parachutes
  • flare parachutes
  • cluster munitions parachutes
  • ribbon chutes

Our facilities are headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, where all of our products are fabricated, assembled, and inspected by highly trained and highly experienced workers of the parachute industry.

A small, private company that’s been around for nearly a century, Mills Manufacturing is a leading defense contractor consistently ranked at the top by government contractor ratings agencies. We’re also active members of the Parachute Industry Association and participate on several government committees working to improve safety in our field.

The people at Mills Manufacturing don’t just affect our own troop parachute quality, we set the bar for the industry.

Order a World Class Troop Parachute from Mills Manufacturing

As a registered ISO 9001 company, Mills Manufacturing adheres to strict set of guidelines set by the preeminent international body on manufacturing standards. We make every troop parachute we export at the exact same level of quality and consistency as our government contracted items.

Currently, Mills Manufacturing already serves customers in over 65 countries outside of the United States, and we are prepared to work with you on any customizations you require on your troop parachute order.

Miltex Military Spec Paracord and a Military Spec Troop Parachute

In addition to being a leading troop parachute manufacturer, Mills Manufacturing also operates a leading paracord company through Miltex Industries.

Paracord (550 paracord in particular) is a braided nylon cord introduced in World War II. Allied paratroops carried it with them into warzones as part of their regulation troop parachute pack, but found that its strength, durability, and uniformity made it as reliable an asset on the ground as on the way down.

Mills Manufacturing troop parachute packs come with Miltex paracord, but Miltex paracord is available separately in several options as well. Miltex Industries helps you in the air and on the ground.

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