T-10R Reserve Assembly

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Part Numbers

T-10R Assembly
NSN: 1670-00-892-4218
P/N: 62C4317-10
Pilot Chute:

General Information

The 24 ft. (7.3m) Diameter Chest Reserve Assembly is an emergency parachute designed to be used in the event of a malfunction of the primary back type parachute. It has a total of 24 gores and there are 4 panels per gore. The suspension lines are made from Type III, 550# nylon cord. The pilot chute is an umbrella type ,which is 40” inches in diameter. The pack is made from nylon duck and contains a pack frame for rigidity. It is fitted with a “two-pin rip- cord”, for the spring activated ripcord pocket. The latest U.S. Military style of “Velcro” fasten- ers are used on the Ripcord Cover panel and Grommet Panel. The 24 ft. Reserve Assembly is intended for use with the 35 ft., T-10B, T-10C or MC1-1B or MC1-1C main assembly. It is not to be used as a primary canopy. In the event that it is needed, it is manually activated through the use of the ripcord. The basic assembly, when packed for service, weighs approxi- mately 12-lbs (5kg). The packed assembly requires less than 27-lbs(5.2kg) manual pull on the ripcord handle to activate the spring loaded pilot chute, thereby deploying the reserve canopy instantaneously. All material colors are the new U.S. Army Foliage Green #504.

All 24 Ft. Reserve Parachute Assemblies are manufactured in strict accordance with Personnel Para- chute U.S. Military Specifications MIL-DTL-6445, MIL-DTL-7567, and MIL-STD-849, latest revisions.

T-10R Characteristics

Canopy Assembly
Flat Circular
Diameter (nominal)
24 feet (7.3m)
Number of suspension lines
Pilot Chute
Flat Octagonal
40 inches (1.016m)
Canopy Material
1.1 oz. PIA-C-7020, type I ripstop nylon parachute cloth
Maximum Wright Capacity
360 lbs. (163 kg)
Maximum Jump Wind Speed
15 mph (13 knots)
Descent Rate
Avg. 22 ft./sec. (6.7 m/s)
Minimum Deployment Altitude
500 ft. (152m)
Maximum Deployment Speed
150 mph (130 knots)
Age Life
16.5 years
Service Life
12 years

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