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Trust an American Armed Forces Parachute Supplier

Mills Manufacturing is a leading parachute supplier and defense contractor for the United States Armed Forces. Our commitment to high quality and consistently manufactured parachutes has helped us remain a top parachute supplier that the United States military has counted on for over half a century. Headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, we’re proud to reinforce what it means to have a product “Made in America.”

As a registered ISO 9001 company, Mills Manufacturing applies a rigorous international standard to our manufacturing processes through vigilant reassessment practices and thorough quality assurance.

If your organization needs a vital piece of gear that absolutely has to work every single time, look no further than the parachute supplier that American soldiers and airmen count on in the field. Contact us today to get started on your order for chutes, harnesses, and cord.

Work with a Diverse and Experienced Parachute Supplier

Mills Manufacturing makes a wide variety of parachutes:

  • Airborne Troop Parachutes
  • Cargo Parachutes
  • Extraction Parachutes
  • Deceleration Parachutes
  • Drone Parachutes

Our T-10 and MC1 airborne troop parachutes have been long mainstays of the US Armed Forces with few modifications. Their complete assemblies each weigh about 29 pounds and have a nominal diameter of 35 feet and an inflated diameter of 24.5 feet. The deployment bag body is made of nine-ounce cotton cloth, cotton tape, and webbing.

Non-personnel chutes provide valuable traditional tactical support like cargo drops and night flare procedures, while drone chutes will prove to be a growing necessity as the utility of airborne drones themselves increases. Mills Manufacturing strives to be a parachute supplier at the industry forefront.

An Expert Parachute Supplier

We have worked in the parachute supplier business since before World War II, accruing a wealth of experience, expertise, and confidence in our employees.

Altogether, our work force represents almost 200 years of experience in the parachute supplier industry. In addition, Mills Manufacturing serves on several overseeing committees (government and otherwise) in the parachute supplier field working with our fellows of industry like the Parachute Industry Association (PIA) to improve chute safety, quality, and manufacturing practices the world over.

Miltex and Mills: Paracord and Parachute Supplier

Miltex Industries is a division of Mills Manufacturing specializing in military spec parachute cord manufacture (including 550 paracord). Besides being a parachute supplier, Mills Manufacturing also manufactures and inspects all the necessary equipment for a parachute pack like paracord and harnesses, further ensuring that the entirety of the parachutist’s gear passes strict muster here in-house. Read more about the Miltex line of paracord and contact us about your order today.

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