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As a prime defense contractor and principle parachute manufacturer for the US military, Mills Manufacturing excels at producing a wide variety of parachutes, including:

  • Airborne Troop Parachutes
  • Cargo Parachutes
  • Extraction Parachutes
  • Deceleration Parachutes
  • Related Components (packs, harnesses, cord)

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Mills Manufacturing: Military Spec Parachute Manufacturer for Over 75 Years

Mills Manufacturing has been a chief parachute manufacturer for the United States military since World War II, providing soldiers and airmen with quality parachutes and accessories that meet the rigorous standards demanded by the world’s greatest airborne force. We know that peoples’ lives are on the line when they use our products, so we strive to be the parachute manufacturer that an organization like the US Armed Forces can count on. Mills Manufacturing works to maintain a strict ISO 9001 registration for the highest quality worldwide. Every one of our parachutes has undergone exacting inspection at multiple stages in the manufacturing process at our North Carolina facilities.

What an ISO 9001 Parachute Manufacturer Means for You

An organization complying with an ISO registration means it’s adhering to quality standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (the ISO), a prominent global entity headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The ISO issues compliance standards for a wide range of industries and formats, across 200+ countries, and with various numeric codes that all have their own sets of requirements, guidelines, and applications. A specific requirement of ISO 9001 registration is regular internal and external audits of a company’s manufacturing processes for improved quality assurance. Since Mills Manufacturing is a parachute manufacturer and supplier for many organizations around the world, obtaining ISO 9001:2008 registration is vital to ensuring our customers worldwide that we are not just a trustworthy parachute manufacturer, but a leading company for the entire industry within and beyond our own borders.

Miltex: Mills is More Than a Parachute Manufacturer

Mills Manufacturing’s Miltex Industries is the braiding division of Mills nylon cord. Among the many products associated with a parachute manufacturer, braided nylon parachute cord (or “paracord”) is one of the more ubiquitous outside its original field of purpose. The specifications and characteristics that the paracord and parachute manufacturer must provide a parachutist include durability, strength, and uniformity. As a result paracord is also a highly effective material for a wide range of applications, from long, solid, and dependable lengths of rope to stylish survival fashion accessories. But as a parachute manufacturer, Mills Manufacturing’s primary concern is cord for military and commercial parachuting applications. We are a primary supplier of various braided nylon parachute cords, including PIA-C-5040, for the US military, other parachute manufacturers, and customers around the globe.

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