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Count on the Oldest Military Parachute Maker in America

Mills Manufacturing is a top defense contractor for the United States Armed Forces, consistently ranked as one of the best by defense contractor ratings agencies. As a parachute maker, our business is safety, and has been since before World War II. We’re the oldest continuously American-owned military parachute maker and we’ve been making stalwart models like the T-10, MC1, G11, and G12 for the better half of a century.

Keeping our nation’s defenders safe is our top priority, and we achieve it through rigorous self-assessment by experienced employees. All told as a parachute maker, our employees collectively represent hundreds of  years of experience manufacturing parachutes, with many who have over 20 years on their own. It’s the experience, training, and skills of our workforce that enables Mills Manufacturing to not only maintain an ISO 9001 registration but adhere to a rigorous industry standard we helped set.

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Airborne Personnel Parachute Maker for the Allies

Founded in 1935, Mills Manufacturing really came into being as a top airborne personnel parachute maker when Allied forces decided to drop paratroopers into battle, primarily in the European theater.

Following the war’s close, our T-10 and MC1 models have seen very little modification since the 1950s, but are still the primary workhorses for several parachuting armed forces today. we manufacture  and deliver the same reliable, battle-tested models relied upon by organizations the world over.

Tactical Parachute Maker for Today

Parachutes don’t just save lives in the air—people on the ground can count on the safe delivery of valuable cargo with just one of our many non-personnel chutes. Our range as a tactical parachute maker includes:

Mills Manufacturing is More than a Parachute Maker

Miltex Industries is a division of Mills Manufacturing specializing in braided nylon paracord (parachute cord). Paracord has been around about as long as our oldest parachute models, and has grown into something much bigger than the first parachute maker intended. Because paracord undergoes the same grueling manufacture and inspection as parachutes, it’s a highly reliable tool for lashing, survival gear, and more. Paracord is a great thing to pack, “just in case.”

We use Miltex paracord in all of our chutes and packs. By keeping everything in-house through Miltex Industries, Mills Manufacturing is more than a parachute maker: we’re an all-in-one shop supplying everything your organization needs to make it to the ground safely.

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