Military Parachutes for Sale

Military Parachutes for Sale from one of the Top Parachute Manufacturers in the United States

Mills Manufacturing Corporation is a registered ISO 9001, third generation family-owned company founded in 1935 in New York City by Ernest Mills. In 1952 the business relocated to Asheville, North Carolina. Mills Manufacturing has been an instrumental provider of military parachutes since World War II  and is considered one of the leading manufacturers of military parachutes and components in the United States and around the world. We offer military parachutes for sale to every branch of the US Armed Forces and serve over 65 foreign customers. As one of the nation’s premiere providers of military parachutes for sale our mission is to invest in our staff and equipment to ensure we deliver the highest quality products that are guaranteed to be reliable, safe, and as affordable as possible. The future vision of Mills Manufacturing is built on a foundation of trust, strong relationships, respect, teamwork, empowerment, accountability, honesty, integrity, innovation, and community involvement. Our commitment to achieving excellence in every aspect of the business is what makes our customers return time and time again.

At Mills Manufacturing You Can Find All Types of Military Parachutes for Sale

Providing military parachutes for sale as a defense contractor serving the United States Armed Forces is an important job. All of our military parachutes and components must clearly meet or exceed all safety and quality standards This is why no part of the manufacturing process is out sourced. The parachute experts at Mills Manufacturing manufacture, inspect, test, and package all military parachutes for sale in house.

Military parachutes for sale at Mills Manufacturing include:

Airborne Troop Parachutes
Out of all the military parachutes for sale that Mills offers our Airborne Troop Parachutes are some of the most popular and classic. Since the 1950’s the T-10 has only had a few small modifications. It is known to be a very reliable and functional design and style. We also provide the MC1 series of airborne troop parachutes and manufacture the all parachute assemblies and reserve systems on site in our facility in Asheville. We can also manufacture custom military parachutes upon request.

Cargo Parachutes
Cargo Parachutes are another classic parachute made by Mills Manufacturing. Our Cargo Parachutes are based on designs created in the 1940’s and 1950’s that have been fine tuned over the years to improve efficiency. Cargo Parachutes are used for airdrop and recovery operations. The team at Mills Manufacturing also supplies component parts for all cargo assemblies separately.

Extraction Parachutes
Extraction Parachutes are made in various configurations including 15-foot, 22-foot, 26-foot, and 28-foot extraction canopies. These Extraction Parachute canopies are of ring slot design. Our Extraction Parachutes can handle low velocity airdrops and can extract loads between 2,500 and 10,000 pounds based on the aircraft involved. Contact our experts to learn more about our Extraction military parachutes for sale.

Deceleration Parachutes
Popular since World War II, Deceleration Parachutes are one of Mills Manufacturing’s niche products often made specifically for the US Air Force and a number of NATO countries. We currently make Deceleration Parachutes featuring the ring slot design that help lessen the long landing rolls of high speed jets. We also manufacture Drag Parachutes that can assist with landings on wet or icy runways, as well as emergency landings. Deceleration Parachutes are known for reducing tire and brake wear for a variety of aircraft.

Mills Manufacturing Offers more than just Military Parachutes for Sale

Mills Manufacturing does more than just provide military parachutes for sale. We are also home to Miltex Industries, a nationally known provider of bulk, braided, nylon paracord. Miltex Industries is housed in the 175,000+ square foot manufacturing complex owned by Mills Manufacturing in Asheville, North Carolina to ensure the highest levels of quality control. Mills Manufacturing and Miltex Industries together employ approximately 200 employees. All staff are carefully vetted and bring exceptional expertise, experience, performance, and customer service to the company. Miltex manufactures paracord in a variety of spool sizes, core strengths, and color. Visit our paracord color gallery, which features over 40 colors, to learn more and choose from red, green, tan, black, orange, olive, camouflage, and many others.

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