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Mills Manufacturing has been making military parachutes for the United States Armed Forces since World War II. Headquartered in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Mills Manufacturing is a leading defense contractor and supplier of military parachutes.

Our process of rigorous self-assessment has helped us stay at the forefront of reliable military parachutes. A registered ISO 9001 company, Mills Manufacturing military parachutes are in use by the United States Armed Forces as well as governments and organizations in over 65 countries today. Our customers’ safety is paramount worldwide, and we strive to make even safer, higher quality military parachutes every day.

We’re also active members of the Parachute Industry Association and its Specifications Committee where we work with the United States government, helping lead better standards worldwide.

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Tried and True Models of Airborne Personnel Military Parachutes

Mills Manufacturing makes T-10 and MC1 models of military parachutes. These models have been in service since the 1950s, with very few changes made to their base designs. Nominal deployment diameter of the T-10 and MC1 models is 35feet.

In addition to the military parachutes themselves, Mills Manufacturing produces everything else a parachutist needs for a safe descent. Including the harness, pack tray, deployment bag and reserve assembly. The complete main parachute assembly weighs 31 pounds, Get in touch to find out what we can do to better meet your organization’s needs or to find out more about our standard models.

Tactical Non-personnel Military Parachutes

In addition to personnel chutes, Mills Manufacturing offers several models of non-personnel military parachutes like:

Many of our non-personnel chute designs also date back decades, like the G11 and G12 cargo chutes. Their simple designs have proven most effective with minimal modifications applied over the years.

Mills Manufacturing helps you prepare for every situation. Whether it’s strategic deployment of a trained squad or airdropping vital supplies, Mills Manufacturing military parachutes safely deposit their cargo when it absolutely counts.

Count on Miltex Paracord, Used in All Our Military Parachutes

Miltex Industries is a division of Mills Manufacturing that specializes in braided nylon parachute cord. Parachute cord, or paracord for short, dates back to World War II. The specially designed cord, which is a braided sleeve around  a specified number of core ends, , has grown into a ubiquitous product well beyond its original scope of intention. Today, you can find paracord in military parachutes, bracelets, outdoor survival kits, and space stations.

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