Military Parachute Equipment

Choose from an Array of Military Parachute Equipment

Mills Manufacturing has been making reliable military parachute equipment for over half a century. Airborne personnel models like the T-10 and MC1 have seen very few modifications in design since the 1950s but are still some of the most trusted military parachute equipment in the United States Armed Forces.

In addition to personnel parachutes, we also make:

  •  Cargo Parachutes
  • Extraction Parachutes
  • Deceleration Parachutes
  • Drone Parachutes
  • Packs and Harnesses

Contact us with your questions about our military parachute equipment, quotes and pricing information, or to get started on your order.

Trusted Military Parachute Equipment by Mills Manufacturing

Mills Manufacturing has been making military parachute equipment for the United States Armed Forces since World War II. We’re a small, private defense contractor consistently ranked at the top by US Government contractor assessors. It’s not just for our military parachute equipment but how we make it that allows us to lead the industry forward.

Our focus on lean manufacturing practices within a smaller, highly-trained workforce allows us to move with great flexibility and agility compared to larger scale operations without sacrificing on quality, and quality means everything when descending from thousands of feet. Count on our military parachute equipment to deploy where you need it most. Organizations in over 65 countries already do.

Dedicated to Setting the Standard for Military Parachute Equipment

As a registered ISO 9001 company, Mills Manufacturing performs rigorous self-assessment on a regular basis as per instruction from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We also serve on several government standards committees and the Parachute Industry Association (PIA) working to further the industry’s capabilities and safety.

As America’s oldest military parachute equipment manufacturer, we take our role as leaders and purveyors seriously, always looking forward and always looking for a better way.

Miltex 550 Paracord: Essential Military Parachute Equipment

Miltex Industies is a division of Mills Manufacturing that specializes in braided nylon parachute cord, or “paracord” for short. Military parachute equipment is only as strong as its weakest link, so everything about a parachute must perform at the highest level for maximum safety.

An extreme focus on strength, durability, and reliability means paracord works well in other ways, as World War II paratroopers found after they landed and needed good rope for lashing. The high utility of 550 paracord persists today.

All Miltex 550 paracord is military parachute equipment manufactured to the strict PIA-C-5040 and PIA-C-7515 specs as set by the Parachute Industry Association. Contact us about your paracord order today.

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