Drone Parachute

Cutting Edge Drone Parachute by Mills Manufacturing

At Mills Manufacturing we’ve been making parachutes for the United States Armed Forces for over half a century, and are ready to supply the increasing drone parachute demand in the 21st century.

Throughout most Mills Manufacturing’s existence, military personnel have been training and deploying with our T-10 and MC1 airborne personnel chutes, models that have barely changed at all in design since their inception in the 1950s. We aim to keep that trend going with the latest and best drone parachute technology.

Contact us about your organization’s needs in a drone parachute and find out how Mills Manufacturing can help.

A Drone Parachute Company Trusted the World Over

Mills Manufacturing is a registered ISO 9001 company. Our emphasis on quality is what’s helped us consistently rank as a top defense contractor with defense contractor rating agencies. At present, organizations in 65+ countries around the world use our parachutes and parachute components.

While not every partner of ours in each of those countries is using a drone parachute yet, we see it as only a matter of time. A drone parachute doesn’t just have to assist in a military offense—drones can serve as highly useful tools in routine tasks like land surveys, or as instrumental aides in lifesaving search and rescue missions.

But no matter the circumstances, sometimes things go wrong in the air, and what went up will come down. A drone parachute won’t just protect the drone, it will minimize damage and risk to whatever is beneath it.

Mills Manufacturing is dedicated to making both the world and the future safer with our drone parachute.

Other Non-personnel Chutes Like a Drone Parachute

Besides our drone parachute, we also manufacture several non-personnel chutes to suit a variety of applications:

Plus we also make additional parachutes and parachute accessories like packs, harnesses, flare parachutes, cluster munition parachutes, and drone recovery parachutes.

We manufacture of all our components in-house, and they must undergo the same rigorous scrutiny that all of our parachutes undergo at our facilities in Asheville, North Carolina. That means not just a safer chute, but a safer pack, a safer harness, and a safer descent all around thanks to safe, made in America products.

Use Miltex Paracord for Your Drone Parachute

Mills Manufacturing uses Miltex 550 paracord in all of our packs, personnel, non-personnel, and drone parachute alike. Miltex Industries is a division of Mills Manufacturing specializing in braided nylon parachute cord (“paracord” for short).

Contact us with any questions you have about Miltex paracord or any other Mills Manufacturing product.

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