Cargo Chute

What is a Cargo Chute?

A cargo chute is a special kind of parachute developed for the delivery of important cargo. Cargo chutes can carry anywhere between 100 and 42,000 pounds and are made with the most advanced cargo delivery technology. Every branch of the Armed Forces including the Army, Navy, Marines, and Airforce uses cargo chutes. In an emergency or in a military operation it is essential that valuable cargo make it to the ground. A high quality, state of the art cargo chute is key to the success of many ground missions whether they are military, humanitarian, or commercial. This is why it is important to find a cargo chute manufacturer that has experience, knowledge, and a level of craftsmanship that is superior and has been tested over time.

Specs for Mills Manufacturing Cargo Chutes

Mills Manufacturing is one of the premier providers of cargo chutes in the United States. Since the late 1940’s and early 1950’s cargo chute assemblies have been an integral part of military operations. They have been a mainstay of airdrop and recovery missions. Over the years technical modifications have been made to cargo chutes in order to improve efficiency, but for the most part the core of the original design still serves a purpose and the cargo chute remains a military standard. Mills Manufacturing specializes in the following cargo chutes:

  • Assembly G-11A Flat Circular shape, 100 ft. canopy nominal diameter
  • Assembly G-11B Flat Circular shape, 100 ft. canopy nominal diameter
  • Assembly G-12D Flat Circular shape, 64 ft. canopy nominal diameter
  • Assembly G12-E Flat Circular shape, 64 ft. canopy nominal diameter
  • Assembly G-14 Biconical shape, 34 ft. canopy nominal diameter

If you need component parts to go with cargo chute assemblies Mills Manufacturing can supply these separately. Simply request a parts numbers list for review. Contact us to learn more about our full line of military parachutes, including the classic cargo chute.

Why Mills Manufacturing is a Top Manufacturer of Cargo Chutes

Mills Manufacturing is a proud member of the PIA (Parachute Industry Association) and a registered ISO 9001 company. As a global leader in world of parachute manufacturing since 1935, we strive to always improve our process, continuing education, investment in technology, and equipment upgrades. This is also why Mills Manufacturing adheres to the ISO 9000 group of standards. Our team of cargo chute and parachute component experts follow strict quality management systems and are committed to meeting the needs of customers and complying with all national and international requirements. Since the late 1980’s ISO 9001 registration and certification has been part of the industry’s quality standards and Mills Manufacturing has made meeting and exceeding these standards a goal every year.

Mills Manufacturing - More Than Just a Cargo Chute

Mills Manufacturing isn’t just interested in exceeding every client’s expectations when it comes to the performance, value, and quality of cargo chutes. We also manufacture parachutes of all kinds. Mills Manufacturing has served as a defense contractor for the United States government and has supplied a wide variety of parachutes, like the cargo chute and other components, to every branch of the Armed Forces. The parachute experts at Mills Manufacturing also inspect, test, and package every product made and sold in order to guarantee you are receiving the very finest parachutes on the market today. Looking for airborne troop, extraction, deceleration, or cargo chutes? Mills Manufacturing has it all! Contact us today to get started.

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