Army Parachute

Chief Army Parachute Supplier Mills Manufacturing

As a principle Army parachute supplier, Mills Manufacturing is tasked with keeping America’s armed forces safe in the air, a duty we don’t take lightly. We’ve spent the better part of a century manufacturing Parachutes for multiple plans of action:

  • airborne troop deployment
  • cargo drops
  • extraction and deceleration
  • drone recovery
  • cluster munitions

We also produce everything else an Army parachute needs to function like packs, harnesses, and paracord. Mills Manufacturing is headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. Every Army parachute is American-made by expert manufacturers representing almost 200 years of experience making a high quality Army parachute.

High Standards for an Army Parachute

The United States military is the most demanding client a manufacturer can obtain, and for good reason: they stake their soldier’s lives on our quality. Mills Manufacturing strives to ensure that every part of our manufacturing process is the best it can be, and not just for the military’s sake either. Mills Manufacturing is a registered ISO 9001 company seeking to maintain leading production facilities for international and Army parachute orders alike. Having multiple external bodies of scrutiny helps to ensure that what we deliver relies on more than just our word to be the safest, longest lasting, and highest quality army parachute anywhere.

No Army Parachute Should Go Without Our Miltex Military Spec Paracord

Each Army parachute order we fulfill, whether you’re an officer seeking a requisition or a distributor of the highest grade parachutes in the world, is going to need the right materials to function properly. Miltex is Mills Manufacturing’s braided nylon cord division and manufactures parachute cord to PIA-C-5040 and PIA-C-7515 specifications across a wide range of colors, lengths, and strengths. This is the same type of cord routinely used in military parachute systems domestic and abroad.

Outfit Your Organization with the Same Army Parachute Used by America’s Airborne Forces

Mills Manufacturing has served as a defense contractor to the United States Armed Forces since World War II and consistently receives the highest marks by US Government contractor assessors. In addition to complying with the high standards set by the Pentagon and the ISO, we also serve on government specification committees and work with other members of the industry to develop and revise better quality standards. However, despite our longstanding relationship with the government, Mills Manufacturing is a contractor, not a part of the military. We’re a private, family-owned company that’s more a member of the Parachute Industry Association than the State, and we’re ready to supply you with the same kind of Army parachute systems our country’s finest use to keep us safe. Contact Us with your specification so we can get started on your order today.

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