Airborne Parachute

Deploy the Airborne Parachute Worn by the US Armed Forces

The United States Armed Forces have been using both the T-10 and MC1 airborne parachute by Mills Manufacturing since the early 1950s. Even after decades of scrutiny, few changes have been made to their designs since, and both models are still some of the main workhorses that soldiers rely on to deliver them from sky to soil safely.

Our airborne parachute has a nominal diameter of 35 feet and a projected/inflated diameter of 24.5 feet, deployed from a bag constructed of nine ounce cotton cloth, cotton tape, and webbing. In total, the assembly weighs 29 pounds.

In addition to our airborne parachute lines, Mills Manufacturing also makes a wide variety of chutes for the military’s other strategic operations, like:

  • cargo parachutes
  • extraction parachutes
  • deceleration parachutes
  • flare parachutes
  • drone parachutes

Contact us to answer any questions you may have and to get started on your organization’s airborne parachute order.

Look for Safety in an Airborne Parachute

Mills Manufacturing has been in the airborne parachute business since 1935. Founded by Ernie Mills, Mills Manufacturing is a small, private business in Asheville, North Carolina, and a leading defense contractor for the United States government. We’re also active members of several government committees and the Parachute Industry Association (PIA) seeking even greater safety among our products and industry.

We’re the oldest American-owned airborne parachute manufacturer, and we think that’s because we’ve remained a small institution capable of great flexibility and agility for our customers without compromising on quality.

Mills Manufacturing knows that when it comes to an airborne parachute there is a life at stake and an infinitesimal margin for error.

The Trusted Airborne Parachute at Home and Abroad

Mills Manufacturing has been a defense contractor for the United States Armed Forces since World War II and continues to be a leading defense contractor as ranked by contractor rating agencies. Our commitment to our airborne parachute quality is our guiding principle. As a registered ISO 9001 [link “Quality”] company, we focus on lean manufacturing and quality assurance at a higher international standard which has helped us land our airborne parachute products in over 65 countries—and we’re ready to provide your organization with what it needs, too.

Miltex Airborne Parachute Cord

Miltex Industries is a division of Mills Manufacturing that specializes in braided nylon parachute cord, an extremely durable, strong, and utile rope perfect for a surprising number of situations. Even NASA sends their astronauts to space with a bundle of 550 paracord, just in case. Miltex paracord is primarily used in our airborne parachute packs, but is manufactured to the exacting PIA-C-5040 industry standards and more than ready for whatever scenario you require of it.

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