Mills was founded in 1935 in New York City by Ernest A. Mills. We are a third generation family-owned company. All decisions are made locally, within the family that comprises its top management.

Mills relocated to Asheville, North Carolina in 1952 to take advantage of nearby suppliers, favorable real estate conditions and a skilled workforce.

At the outbreak of the Korean War, we received a large contract to make parachutes. With this contract, we decided to devote ourselves entirely to the manufacture of military parachutes and related components. This devotion to manufacturing military parachutes continues today; it is a core competency and keeps us focused. We are also open to similar military cut and sew operations.

To ensure quality, no part of the manufacturing process is subcontracted to others. We perform all work associated with the manufacture, inspection, testing, and packaging of parachutes. Our primary supplier of nylon cord is Miltex Industries, a division of Mills Manufacturing Corporation.

Today the 175,000+ square foot manufacturing complex employs about 230 people. These are people with extensive knowledge and proven successful performance in all aspects of military parachute production.

Our customer base includes all branches of the United States Military and more than 65 foreign countries. Our export parachutes are made to the same specifications as those we manufacture for the US Armed Forces, unless otherwise specified by our customers.

Mills and Miltex are centrally located near the East Coast, which makes cost effective ground, air or ocean delivery available to customers around the world.

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